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Does it Pay to be a Member?

$475 - Avg Savings Using Telemedicine 

200,000+ - Number of Discounted Offers Available to Members

30% - Average Savings Per Bill When Using Patient Advocate Medical Bill Help

$37 - Average Savings Per Prescription Using Your Free InCare Rx Pharmacy Benefits



*For those who qualify based on manufacturer criteria 

Not Ready to Become a Paid Member?  Get Our Free Bronze Membership Here...

How much would you pay for 24/7 access to a doctor?  Members & their families can call a doctor or video conference anytime and much more for just 14.95 with their MedCard 

TeleHealth - Call a Doctor

Wouldn't it be great to just pick up the phone and call a doctor whenever you wanted to?  Not having to wait in a room with other sick people while you could be at home getting better.  With your MedCard you can call or video conference with a doctor anytime.  If the doctor feels it's needed they can write you a prescription right over the phone. 

Rx Help at Your Local Pharmacy

Cost of meds got you down?  With your Rx help discounts we'll have you feeling better in no time.  Users save up to 90% off generic and name brand medications.  Our average Incare Rx help user saves $37 on each of their prescriptions.  Just take your free InCare Rx Card to your local pharmacy.  Need more prescription discounts?  Depending on income we may be able to help you buy your medications for little or no cost from the manufacture.

Medical Advocate Discounting

We offer you access to health advocates that will professionally work with hospitals and doctors offices to save you money on your medical bills.  Medical Bill Help Advocates successfully reduce 3 out of 4 medical bills​ with an average savings of 30% per bill and over 50% savings overall.  All while keeping you informed along the way.

Hundred's of Discounts

As a member, you have access to many medical discounts.  You also have access to  Benefit Hub's Discount Marketplace.  Some of America's largest companies reward their employees with Benefit Hub & now you have access too.  Products range from shoes to major appliances and everything in between.  The Marketplace has over 200,000 discounted offers at any given time.

Ask a Doctor

Have a medical question and don't want to rely on a search engine for answers?  Ask the doctors anything you like and you'll have a response within about 24 hours.  Ask a primary physician, a pediatrician, or a behavioral therapist.  There is no extra charge for this service, it's part of your benefits for being a member.

Discounted Labs

In most states, save even more on your labs.  Have them sent to your doctor or if you want to request your own labs there's no doctor's order needed.  The lab company will provide the doctor's order.  Simply pay for the labs you want online and print the order out (or show on your smart phone) and take it with you to the blood draw.  No extra or add on fees.

Call a Doctor, Rx Help, Medical Bill Help & More

Your MedCard provides you with tools and benefits to save you money and time.  With our Rx help PAP solution we will assist you in pre-qualifying, getting info on and accessing prescription assistance program (PAP) applications for your medications.  Not eligible for a PAP or even know what a PAP is (We'll help you find out)?  You've got our Rx help discount card with savings up to 90% on generic and name-brand drugs.  Even if you're insured have the pharmacy check both your insurance co-pay and the MedCard Rx Rate.  Many times our Rx cost is lower than your insurance carrier.  You will have 24 hour access to our call a doctor feature.  Call day or night and instead of sitting in a waiting room, get rested and back to your life.  High cost medical bills got you down?  Phone an individual advocate to see about negotiating a payment discount with our medical bill help service.  


Most telemedicine only plans charge $25 or more for your family to enjoy the benefit of being able to call a doctor 24/7.  Your MedCard includes much more than just the ability to call a doctor and only cost 14.95 a month for the whole family.  Need to have medical labs done?  Why pay hundreds of dollars on labs when you can get them through MedCard for a fraction of the cost?  We have had customers that have saved over $500 on labwork just by using our lab provider.  Do you have a will?  Complete your will at no cost in our member's area.  Check out our grocery coupons and savings on all types of products and services through BenefitHub, at no extra cost as a member.  Lastly, we also have advocates to help you find the right doctor or facility for any need.  Just tell your advocate what you need and they will do the research and find a doctor taking new patients.  This and more is what being a MedCard member means to you and why MedCard is the perfect solution for the uninsured, under-insured and everything in between. 

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Are You a Health Insurance Agent, Tax Professional or Healthcare Worker?

Offer a service that almost everyone wants and needs at an incredible price.  Our program allows you to easily start offering your customers 24/7 access to a doctor, drug cost help, medical bill help and more.  If you choose to become a member you will have 24/7 access and receive the same benefits that you are offering.  The program is easy, tell your friends on Facebook, leave free Rx cards (doctors offices love these cards) at doctors offices and other retail stores promoting your business.  Add a membership as a complement to a HSA plan or a short term health plan with no co-pays.  Now your customer has access to a doctor when she or he needs it and they get to skip the trip to the doctor's office.  You'll get paid whenever someone fills a prescription using your discount card and whenever someone calls you to signup for 24/7 call a doctor access.  What's more we'll show you how being a small business owner can potentially save you thousands on your taxes, allowing you to save even more for the future.  Learn More.

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