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We are a education/service company focused on healthcare and giving our brokers the tools and products to benefit from being a small business owner while providing a service that our representatives and their customers need and want.  Providing better, more affordable access to medications and doctors we can save consumers time and money.  Our ability to offer several benefits to the consumer at a price point often lower than the typical telemedicine only membership makes our membership a great value for family's and employers.  Want to know more?  Contact us and ask. 

How It All Started

Larry Medcalf and his wife Julie started MedCard when looking for a solution for potential health insurance customers that could not afford to purchase a policy or were outside of the ACA annual enrollment period.  Wanting to offer these customers access to a doctor and help paying for their prescriptions and other healthcare cost the association was conceived.  The initial goal was to provide the call a doctor benefit, Rx discounts and medical bill discounting.  Soon we will be offering healthcare discounts at the point of service.  Using a national network of doctors and hospitals members will have the ability to pay the same rate insurance companies pay for medical services.  

Growing Tree

Save Time & Money

When you're sick you don't want to travel to wait in a room with other sick people, save the co-pay and call the doctor.  Get your medication faster, get better and get on with life. 

Brokers Grow Your Income

Grow your income by showing others how to do the same.  Create residual payments as your recruited members recruit their own members.

Brokers Reduce Taxes

Learn to benefit from the tax deductions available to small business owners.  We'll show you the tools and resources that are designed to get you the maximum deductions at no cost to you.

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