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The Benefits of Controlled Breathing

Updated: May 30, 2018

Girl breathing

Respiration is something we all do thousands of times a day, yet we rarely pay any attention to it. It happens automatically, exactly like your bloodstream pumps throughout your veins. But unlike these other body processes, we are able to decide to actively alter our breathing patterns. Why would we do that? Because deep breathing strategies offer a variety of health benefits. 70% of the body’s toxins are released via exhalation. It may reduce stress, improve your heart rate, and cause reduced blood pressure levels.

Controlled breathing has numerous proven physical and psychological advantages. Think about the manner in which you breathe when you’re frightened, stressed, or angry. Your breathing becomes superficial and labored, your heart along with your muscle tissues clench. Once you practice deep breathing methods, you start to fill your lung area to capability, which could increase blood flow through your body.

Try to think about your lungs as balloons. Once you breathe in, your lungs should expand and fill, like you’re blowing the balloons up. To be sure you’re breathing profoundly, follow these steps: Put one hand on the upper body and a hand on the belly, just above your waist. Take a big sigh and relax your arms and body. Slowly inhale through your nose, and hold your breath for a 5 seconds. Make sure that while you inhale, the hand on your stomach rises higher compared to the hand on your upper body. Yoga breathing occurs through the stomach, not the upper body. Open the mouth and exhale, releasing your breath in eight seconds. Towards the finish, you ought to contract your stomach muscles to get every bit out. Repeat four times or so. As you’re sucking air in and out, imagine you’re releasing the strains of life. Release tensions and don't stop until you're calm and relaxed.

As you get more practice controlling your breathing it's going to be easier and feel more natural. You will want to do these exercises twice each day and anytime you’re feeling particularly stressed or frustrated. It may not be an easy thing to remember to do at first but over time as you start to see the benefits it will become easier.

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