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MedCard is more then prescription discounts or 24/7 doctor access, it's an opportunity.  An opportunity to increase income reduce taxes, stay healthy and save money.  Telling others about MedCard and enrolling new members is as easy as using it.  You'll have the ability to show others how to increase income, lower taxes, reduce debt and build wealth all while providing them with real benefits that they can use.  Being a Medcard business owner will allow you to deduct expenses like car mileage, business meals and home office deductions that only business owners can benefit from.  When you first start out you will likely have a lower adjusted income due to these deductions that may also qualify you for higher subsidies on your health insurance if you're a federal Marketplace customer.  All of this will allow you to save more money for the important things.  Learn more.

Increase Income - Grow your income by showing others how to do the same.  Create residual payments as your recruited members recruit their own members.


Reduce Taxes - Learn to benefit from the tax deductions available to small business owners.  We'll show you the tools and resources that are designed to get you the maximum deductions at no cost to you.

Stay Healthy With 24/7 Doctor Access- Save time and money by calling or video conferencing with a doctor anytime day or night.  When you're sick you don't want to travel to wait in a room with other sick people, save the co-pay and call the doctor.  Get your medication faster, get better and get on with life. 

Save Money with Rx Help & PAP Assistance - For lower income members get help with paying for your medications.  In many cases prescription drugs are provided at no cost.  Everyone can use our Rx help savings card for savings up to 90% off.  Many times generic medications with our Rx card are less expensive then insurance co-pays. 

Who's a Member?

The Uninsured- No health insurance? With MedCard you can call a doctor 24/7.  Need a prescription?  We have you covered with Rx discounts and manufacture PAP assistance. 

The under-insured- Have a large deductible to meet before your insurance kicks in?  Don't want to pay $90 to see the doctor?  MedCard doctor consultations are offered with $0 co-pay.

The Busy Mom- Your daughter has a fever a 2am and you've got to be to work in 6 hours...One phone call is all it takes and she'll have the medication she needs to start getting well.  No taking time off for an early morning doctor's or urgent care visit,

Employees- Less sick days and healthy happier employees is a good thing.  MedCard helps employers not only reduce sick days taken but includes morale by rewarding employees with discounts on the things they enjoy most. 

Everyone- Everyone can benefit from being a MedCard member, Uninsured/insured/employees/self-employed/stay at home parents/ the list goes on...

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Five great benefits, one membership.  MedCard members have 24/7 access to doctors consultations, Rx help-PAP Assistance, ask a doctor benefit, patient advocacy medical bill help and discounts on hundreds of products and services all for one low monthly fee.  


With increasing deductibles, coinsurance and copay's individuals and employers are looking for ways to cut spending.  MedCard allows your clients to have $0 copay access to a doctor via telephone or video anytime day or night, saving both money and time.  This allows employees to spend less, rest more and get back to work faster.  Because telemedicine provides patients easier access to a doctor, it reduces the risk that medical problems worsen.  Almost every study conducted has concluded that providing a telemedicine program reduces company co-pays and overall claims cost.  Add to the mix Rx discounts, medical bill help, discounts on hundreds of services and products as well as a higher than average broker commission payout that rewards you not only for your business but the business of every rep you bring on. You now have a program that everyone can get excited about!  

We make it easy to sign up new customers.  As a broker we will provide you with your own branded landing page.  You can include your logo as well as a link back to your website if you'd like.  You simply complete the enrollment form on your page or direct your client to your page and we take care of the rest.  

A Look At The Numbers:


$475 - Average Savings Using Telemedicine

200,000+ - Number of Discounted Offers Available to Members

30% - Average Savings Per Bill When Using a Patient Advocate

$37 - Average Savings Per Prescription With Our Rx Savings Card

Ways to Use a Membership

  • Uninsured's who don't want to buy an expensive health insurance policy.  Bundle the membership with low cost supplements.

  • Those who already have telemedicine plans.   Our membership cost less than most telemedicine only plans and unlike most plans available with group health policies, our plan has no co-pays.

  • Those covered by a HSA or high deductible plan.  No need to pay full price at the doctor or the pharmacy.  Use your Rx help card to access a doctor 24/7 or pay a lower price on your prescription.

  • Those with past medical bills.  Our advocates work to save you money on your past medical bills.  Average savings our over 30%.

  • And many more ways...

Get Paid

For those that bring on new reps, you not only get paid one of the highest rates in the industry when you sell a membership but you now have a down-line.  That means everyone that they sell you get paid on as well..  This is one reason that commission sells can be so profitable and is what could ultimately allow you to build large residual commissions.  ​​​

The Steps

We know that not all of our reps will be brokers or financial advisers.  For those looking to grow their business skills and learn ways to put more money back in their pocket, we offer The Steps.  The Steps show you how to reduce your taxable income immediately and over time increase your income and ultimately your wealth.  When you become a MedCard representative you will have the opportunity to review 6 steps that we think MedCard associates without a financial background should complete.  

Virtual Info & Onboarding

Become a Representative - Broker

First complete the new associate registration and 2 documents below.  If you're a broker/agent and would like your own landing page you can also include a logo that we will display on the page as well as a back link (if you specify) to your website.

Next request access to MedCard Rep Quickstart below.  Once your request is accepted start by reviewing the Rep Quickstart guide to learn how to get the most out of being a MedCard associate.  You do not need to attach the w9 or broker agreement yet, but they must be turned in before we can pay you monthly commissions.  Make sure to include the address you want your membership materials sent to.

Review & Complete the Quick 5 Question Quiz:

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