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From Call a Doctor, Rx Discounts, Ask a Doctor and Everyday Discounts We Work to Save You Time & Money

Would it not be great to just pick your phone up and call a medical professional whenever you wanted to?  Why be in a small space along with other people that are sick when you could be at home getting better.  With MedCard you can call a doctor or video conference anytime.  In the event that the medical practitioner believes it's needed they can prescribe you a medication and send it to your preferred pharmacy.  We also offer wellness advocates which will assist you with hospital and other healthcare bills.  Advocates successfully reduce 75% of bills with typical savings of 30% per bill and over 50% cost savings overall.  All while keeping you informed as your case progresses.  Price of meds got you down?  Users of our Rx savings card save up to 90 percent off generic and non-generic medicines.  Our typical Incare Rx card user saves $37 on all of their prescriptions.  Want more prescription discounts?  Based on income we might find a way to allow you to obtain your medicines for minimal expense or even free.  Being a member you've also got use of Benefit Hub's Discount Marketplace.  Many of America's biggest businesses reward their worker's with Benefit Hub & now you have access too.  Products consist of shoes to major electronics and everything in between.  Benefit Hub has over 200,000 discounted products and services at any time.  Have a medical question?  don't depend on a search engine for answers.  Ask a doctor whatever you need and have a response within about 24 hours.  Ask a family doctor, a pediatrician, or a behavioral specialist.  There isn't any additional cost for this benefit, it's included as part of your membership.  In many states, save yourself a lot more on labs.  Have them delivered to your doctor or if you wish to request your own labs there's no physician's signature needed.  The lab company will supply the physician's order.  Merely pay for the labs you want online and print the purchase out (or show on your own cell phone) and go to the lab.  No additional or add on charges.  

Brokers Sell TeleMedicine With Our Memberships - Commission Opportunities 

Are you a broker looking for solutions to high deductibles and copay's?  Offer a solution that nearly everyone wants and needs at an incredible price.  Our system enables you to start enrolling clients in a membership that provides 24/7 use of a physician, prescription discounts and many other benefits.   For those that want more opportunities this program is straightforward,  tell your pals on Facebook, leave free Rx cards (doctors offices love these cards) with your personalized web-page at doctor offices and other shops.  You will get paid whenever someone fills a prescription making use of your discount card and whenever somebody signups for 24/7 call a doctor access or our other benefits.  In addition for new brokers, we will show how being a small business owner could possibly help save you thousands on your taxes, allowing you to keep more of your commissions for the future. 

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